Happy October

Hurray the first day of October has finally made its way to us! To me October represents the beginning of chilly fall days, the beginning of apple picking, hot cocoa, and the start of the holiday season when Halloween decides to roll around.


according to http://nationaldaycalendar.com/calendar-at-a-glance/october/, October first is National Homemade Cookies Day! So because I missed National Pancake Day (September 26th), I decided to join the two in matrimony, (not really) where they produced the Pancake Cookie. (it’s a thing)

Pancake cookies are basically a cookie that was used with the help of the ever-so-convenient pancake mix. There are a few variations to pancake cookies that I have found. They can either be made in a skillet like a pancake or baked in the oven like a cookie.

Simple enough, right?


(Vegan Oreo Pancakes)

Courtesy of Minalmalistbaker.com



(Original Pancake Cookies)

Courtesy of createdby-diane.com



(Blueberry Pancake Cookies)

Courtesy of flickr.com


For more on pancake cookies here are two different sites with the two different styles and how to make them!

Pancake Cookie #1 (in a skillet)

Pancake Cookie #2 (baked in an oven)


Happy Pancaking (:


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