Hot Chocolate: The Breakfast Drink of Choice

It’s getting colder. And I’m OK with that.

When the times get cold my mind flashes back to when I was younger and outside playing in the snow late at night with my brother and our friends. We would be outside for hours either up in our playhouse making our slide into a snowy slip and slide or just sledding down the hill in our front yard. No matter the case we always counted on our mom to make hot chocolate using Hershey’s cocoa powder and warm milk. It was magical.

Now that I’m older i’ve experiemented with trying new warm beverages such as coffee and tea. Neither have really hit the spot and I always wind up with hot chocolate. Whether from a restaurant, diner, or convient store, hot chocolate is my drink of choice, especially at breakfast on a chilly morning.

This leads me to the newest hot chocolate i’ve stumbled upon here in Providence.

Located on 92 Spruce Street here in Providence, RI, is the very cozy and fine dessert cafe, Pastiche. Upon going in you’ll find the quaint and warm cafe to be inviting. Upon sitting down at one of their small table or booths a server will give you your menu of desserts ranging from cake to mousses to pies as well as warm frothy beverages from the barista across the way. Here I ordered the hot chocolate which came out in a cute cup and saucer I expected so.

photo 3

At $2.50, this warm treat was smooth, rich, and lived up to all expectations. Highly reccomended.

To learn more about Pastiche visit their website here: Pastiche’s Website


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