Breakfast Abroad

When I think of breakfast at home here in America I automatically think of cereal due to the presence of cereal all through my childhood. Secondary thoughts include frozen waffles, Pop-tarts, scrambled eggs, and sometimes box-mix pancakes. On the weekdays these items were all convenient morning meals to help feed us and move us out the door to that day’s adventures as quickly as possible.  On Sundays my family would sometimes pull together pancakes, fresh waffles, fried eggs, toast, and either sausage or bacon.

American Breakfast:


But what about the rest of the world? What do children in different countries consume before they start their day? From experience I can say that cereal can be found in modern grocery stores among Europe. As for more classic breakfasts they area as follows:



Buttery pastry with frothy caffeine.



Baked beans, fried eggs, toast, sausage.



Rice, fish, seaweed, pickled veggies, rice porridge, miso soup.



Baguette slices with butter or jam, fresh fruit juices, and pastries such as croissants typically on the weekend.



To see a few more countries and their breakfasts visit:


Happy Traveling!


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